July 25th 2012 – Safety

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I am  sitting here writing this entry because I allowed myself to get burned severely enough to put me out of comission for a few days. This being my first post to my blog will serve as my disclaimer to anyone who follows any of the advice made regarding Blacksmithing and the associated processes and procedures. There is a certain amount of danger with any work being performed and the approach is to limit that danger and risk. My mishap occurred last Friday, 20 July. The temperature was about 92 degrees F (33.33). Relative wet bulb temp was nearer 103 and it was only 1115 AM. I had an aggressive schedule for two individuals who were being shown the extent of the work that goes on in my particular shop (Cannon Carriage – Restoration) and was determined to meet it. The scene was set, Heat combined with rushing and the added distraction of explaining and watching resulted in a momentary inattention to my work I reached up to bend a bar and grabbed hold and started bending, the result me burning my hand.

The lesson here is…. slow down when conditions merit it and don’t over extend yourself. Take the elements of the day into account and adjust accordingly. I am fortunate that my skin has been somewhat thickened over the years and the burns were kept to a minimum.

Only you can prevent accidents and mishaps. Think about what you are doing. Pay attention to safety precautions. If there are no known safety precautions make some up to protect yourself based on the process and procedure you desire to perform. Blacksmithing can be dangerous, use caution. You will get burned, but it doesnt have to be life altering or something worthy of a blog posting. It looks worse than it is, but should not have happened. This was a mishap not an accident, because it was preventable.

Have Fun! Be Careful and I will… See ya at the Forge!!!  Vince

  1. Vince says:

    Hi All, Just thought you would like to know that the hand is healing nicely. All but the 3 spots are without new skin forming. Those three are hard scabbed over and backfilling. New skin is funny, it is very sensitive. I rub my face and the stubble on it feels like a miniature porcupine. Hahaha. Bianca is happy to point out “Now you know how it feels to me!” hahaha. I will be forging again very soon. The area between my index finger and thumb is tender enough to make it difficult to properly hold a hammer, plus the scab cracks and stings like the dickens. I will have to practice some repousse’.

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