Hosted ABGT (Artist Blacksmith Group of Tidewater)

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I hosted the meeting of ABGT on Saturday August 11th – We had a great time, we always do. I have to admit that we eat pretty good at these events, it’s potluck and the pot has always been lucky! Here are couple of shots from that meeting

Lunch time – there’s more than what is showing here

Getting the show started

Lily Cutouts – expedited using a bandsaw

Petals ready for setting

Secret weapon – shaping and setting the petals

Lily is done – I will clean it up later

The gangs all here! Steve is taking the picture as usual Thanks Steve!

We try to conduct Hammer control training about 4-5 time a year and incorporate those lessons into a project of some sort. We also try to do two group projects a year.

See ya at the Forge!


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