Feburary 11th New Forge Update

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Progress is slow but as you can see from this picture it has progressed! I have a guy making my windows and doors as we speak. The pile of bricks will be picked up and recycled in the next few days. The Drip edge was an added bonus from some left over material in a roof repair of my apartment that’s being renovated. Paulin did a real nice job. The roof has a type of roll roofing and is then topped off with a cement mix similar to a low psi road. Never saw it done like that before, but that’s the way they do it here.  I hope to add a lean to cover over my door before next winter. We will see what’s left in the budget.

So there you have it. I do have a line on an anvil. It is a small one and will be about 100 – 120 lbs. There was some confusion on my part. “Lost in Translation”. I am not worried because the Engineer runs a big Iron works shop called:  www.angjo-decor.com.  They do great work there. I hope that it is a start of a long friendship! I am sure I will learn far more from them then they will from me.

HHF - Feb 11th  (1)

So Long for now!

See ya at Forge! Soon!

  1. swordsmithvs says:

    I do hope to see you at the forge soon! Looking good so far! Best of luck! Hopefully I can build my forge once I graduate in May 🙂 Looking for a job right now so I can save up for wedding stuff–That includes my forge because I’m forging swords for my groomsmen and my bride for the wedding!

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