Doors and Windows are Installed 15 Feb 2013

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Windows and doors are installed! I now have a place to start setting up. The windows were suppose to be recessed in the opening so that I had a window sill and would look more like the older ones. When I am done painting and accessorizing, but some how that got lost in translation. The doors are not wide and I wanted them the way they are. Why white!!!! It will match the colors of the main house on the property when I am done.



Now the hunt for Tools can begin! Well as soon as I get my apartment finished. I do have a lead on an actual anvil. Not a big one, but a nice size. I am waiting to hear when I can pick it up. I have a couple of large timbers to make an anvil stand out of as soon as I get a saw to cut them with, hahaha. I also have a sturdy bench top, smaller, but sturdy. It is a 1-1/2″ counter top piece that the guys who made and installed my kitchen left me. I will wrap it in sheet metal and we have a start. The inside of the shop is only about 10ft x 16ft so it is not a huge place. As soon as they are done picking up the bricks outside I want to add a lean to roof. I like working outside and the weather here is about perfect for it, especially if I can set up a coal forge. I have not had any luck locating a coal source, but I have not really had time to look into my resources in earnest yet. 

Well there you have it. Happy Haven Albania has made gains.

See ya at the Forge!!!




  1. swordsmithvs says:

    Great news, man! Glad to hear it is all starting to come together! Best of luck in the continuing progress!

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