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Posted: March 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hi Everyone!

Here are a few pictures of my new to me anvil. The Engineer at Angjo Decorative Iron found it for me. Apparently there is a problem getting the larger ones that we had discussed, so for now it will have to do. She is dirty and rather beat up. But anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a challenge now and then.

My New Anvil (2)

With Easter being this weekend the next time I will get to do anything in the forge will be Tuesday. Over the next couple of weeks I will get her all cleaned up. When I find a welder I like and some 7018 rod I will repair the chipped areas. They are large, but for what I plan on doing here she will be fine until I find a big brother for her. The only flat areas are on the sides and the bottom can be used as a swage block of sorts. I will have to figure out how I will make it so the securing is easy to undo if needed.

My New Anvil (4)

I always wanted to try out one of these European style anvils and well now not only will I get to try it out I will see if I can repair one as well. We ( My friends at ABGT and I) have repaired three anvils using the 7018 Rod method with satisfactory results. My problem will be doing the preheat. I have yet to have an opportunity to really get to work finding a source of coal and the stuff to make a forge out of. As the year progresses and my Albanian increases, not necessarily better J, I am sure it will become easier to get what I need.

My New Anvil (5)

Almost forgot… The Anvil is about 24” long x 6” wide x 7” high and I am guessing about 80 lbs as it is a very comfortable lift.  All the measurements are approximate, I used my 3 lb hammer as a measuring stick. My hammer has a 19” handle to give you an idea. The Stump came up in conversation after the cash passed hands. Engineer (That’s all anyone ever calls him) told me I could have the stump for the anvil. I was ready to cut the stump with my electric chainsaw, but it appears that will not be necessary, another bonus, Free and the Right Height!

My New Anvil (3)

Now of course I am starting to get antsy, but I have other stuff that has still to be finished off, so I resign to the fact that I cannot go play just yet.

Life in Albania is interesting and good so far! I am sure things are going to be picking up as I get going.

Thanks for stopping by!

See ya at the Forge!!

  1. swordsmithvs says:

    That anvil is possibly the most beaten up thing I have ever seen, but I’ll tell you what: She’s still beautiful! I appreciate a challenge myself! I’m going to be building my first forge out of a hole in the ground and use two small scraper blades for a bulldozer strapped to a stump as my anvil! I’m really looking forward to watching the restoration process and smithing projects to come!

  2. Thanks for the words of support – I hope you have time to share your adventures in “primitive” forging?

  3. Anja says:

    Aye she has definatly seen a few rounds I’d say. Please tell us if you can bring her back to full life?

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