Almost a Forge

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hi Guys,

While I didn’t have time to clean up the anvil, I did manage to get a new regulator for my forge hose that allows me to hook up to the gas tanks they have here in Albania. As soon as I got back I hooked it up and played with setting the regulator for setting a heating pressure. There is no gauge on it so I will be doing everything by sight and sound. Hmmm, I need readers and my hearing isn’t good let alone with ear plugs in. hahaha.

Setting up HHF Albania

Setting up HHF Albania

I only heated up an old round file and will make a letter opener out of it later on down the road. As you can see it is a little disorganized now. I do have a bench for the forge to sit on. It is about a meter off the back wall and for anything longer I can turn the forge and put it out the window. Ahhhh, the problems of working inside a Building. I  prefer to work outside but until I get a coal forge going that isn’t happening at all and even after that I might have to work inside.

Old regulator shown with the new one attached - no gauge  and much smaller the new one.

Old regulator shown with the new one attached – no gauge and much smaller the new one.

So things are looking up!

See ya at the Forge!!! Soon!


  1. Jay says:

    Loonking good.. I see some security is going in soon (bars)

    • Yeah, unfortunately reality has be dealt with in the mystical world of blacksmithing. 😦 Here like everywhere there are those who want what you have. But as you can see I am prepared for the next step. 🙂 so I sally forth with a smile on my face and a wrench in my hand!
      See ya at the Forge!

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