Anvil Cleanup

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hi Guys,

    Here’s a couple of things I have improved since last week. I managed to put about 2-1/2 hours into cleaning MY beautiful Anvil. Hey, I have to remain positive here. As you can see at 1-1/2 hours the exposed areas are still very dinged up.


Okay at 2-1/2 hours it is still dinged up buy I can live with it for the time being.


I do have a welder – It is a Nordica, but it doesn’t run quite right, something, can’t put my finger on it. I had purchased some Turkish Rod that isn’t good for anything, when I get my torch maybe I will be able to use it for filler, wrapping, etc. I was able to get satisfactory welds using some ESAB Rod on my second round of purchasing. I will only be using it from now on.  Regardless. The welder  works and now the trick is to find some decent 7018 rod. The rod I purchased was 6013 and will be fine for all my other work, but for the great Anvil repair I want the 7018 since we have used it with success in past. So Welder is a go! Forge is working without any modifications. They use propane for their gas heaters and stoves here. Yeah!


As you can see in the picture I now possess a fine slack tub of the finest plastic this side of the Mississippi. J I put some metal sheeting left over from the gutters I flattened out to cover my forge table. One has to make do. My materials sourcing is pretty limited right now. I expect it to get better as I discover new sources.

I plan on getting a vice this week and some shelves and then I will be in business so to speak. Ahhhh a far cry from my illustrious shop in Virginia Beach, but it is a start. I did do a leaf just to make sure that the Anvil surface didn’t deteriorate more from hammering and to make sure I remember how to swing a hammer. This was a test so it doesn’t count. It’s a pin leaf about 3” long from about 5/8” rod. I have to admit that the small anvil makes me work harder than I am used to. I will need to lower it about 2 inches to maximize the effect of my hammer blows. This was a good test all around.




Almost forgot, apparently some guy with the last name starting with K once owned this.


 That’s all Folks!

See ya at the Forge!!!


  1. Looks like it has had a heck of a life. Keep adding to the story my friend.

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