What to do with Rocks

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hi Everyone,

I went to the Bazaar yesterday, but it didn’t bare and fruit for me to covet. They only had items that they were selling as tools and I was looking for materials. So I have to go elsewhere for some better tooling material. The hunt continues. In the mean time we seem to have an abundance of rocks here in the yard and while many were used for making rings around the tree bases I still have plenty of them. All sizes and shapes. So what to do with them. I have some ideas and here is one that I have the bulk of it finished, but I still need to add a base to it tomorrow. It is defined enough for me to post here to show you that I haven’t fell completely asleep at the wheel. 🙂

Candle Holder parts (2)

All the parts are here on the bench waiting to be cleaned up and put in place. So what is It?

Candle Holder - Gingko style leaves and rock

Candle Holder – Gingko style leaves and rock

It was a nice small project – The gingko style leaves are forged from a 1/2 or so rod, the holder  and thin leaves are made from one of those unusable welding rods. The Rock was hard to drill, but I did manage to make it happen. A little patience, some water and my new vice made all the difference. The vice is making things easy already, even the small bench top vise got into the act. I did make a square punch for future use also, my tool collection grows and things are getting better all the time. Still no luck with the 7018 rod. I have time. In the meantime…

Candle Holder shown with candle

Candle Holder shown with candle

I can have fun making interesting candle holders and the like. Here in Albania we use candle holders more often than than I ever did in the US. That still doesn’t mean I can’t have an interesting holder to look at when it is hanging around. So I am ready to fire up and have something nice to look at. I have a lot of rocks and a lot of ideas for their use. I am going to add a wider base as the rock is just a tad bit to small to catch all the candle wax. No Problem! I can do. Wife liked it too so everyone is happy.

Thanks for stopping by!

See ya at The Forge!!!


  1. lisa says:

    Very neat, Vince – utilitarian, pretty, environmentally friendly.

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