Railing Project Started

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  Hi Guys!

   Those you who have worked with me you know that I always agonize about making jigs and tools that will last about 30 seconds beyond what I need them to. It’s tough to figure out just how much abuse one implement can take before it self-destructs. Hahaha.

Bending Jig for Picket element

Bending Jig for Picket element

   For my railing project I made a small fullering tool to bend and adjust the picket elements over. This worked much better than using a bending fork in the vise. I was able to finish all 24 of the elements in about 5-1/2 hours. Not bad considering that includes figuring out how I was going to make them to begin with. I only need 18 of them, as with most things the last ones always look better and were easier to make. This is one of the two shop drawings I have. The dimensions changed as it was originally going to be longer and slightly taller. Eliminate a couple of pickets and shorten them and the plan still works. Oh and the fuller is still in tack!

Railing Element

Railing Element

  My test element is shown here. The Railing will have Rope Twist Newels, corner and end, the drawing calls for 3 but the available material requires 5 for the newels and 3 for the railing. Leaf wraps to hold rope railings to the Newels and the connectors on the wall will either be a homemade deck plate or a snail scroll with cup to attach the railing inside of it. I have time to work that detail out.

Railing Shop Drawing

Railing Shop Drawing

   I do have a problem with the wraps as I don’t have a torch yet. I will have to figure something out if I can’t find one.  Everyone here sells Plasma cutters, that does not do me any good now does it.  Who would have thought I would have a problem finding an A/O or Propane/Oxy torch. I am thinking I will have to do an electric weld to the newels and then cover them up with the wrapping stands of the newel posts. I am sure the the heat will not last from the gas forge, that is where the weld comes into play. I am sure I will be able to manipulate it enough to make it snug on at least the first bend. I will let you know how it goes in a few weeks.

Story Stick, Scroll Jig and Bending Fork

Story Stick, Scroll Jig and Bending Fork

My picket elements are completed and a plan to accomplish the remaining work is taking form. I never had this much time to think about what I was doing before, kind of scary. Hahaha.   Addresses are not readily available in Shkoder and the outlying areas. Oh the street signs are there, but there is where all similarities stop. Some have changed names and some have new names that no one knows. Makes for interesting hunting when trying to find supply sources. 

Heart Shutter Dogs

Heart Shutter Dogs

I made a set of shutter dogs for the windows. I only made two for one half of the two windows. For now I don’t have to worry about the wind banging the windows around. I will need all the ventilation I can get later on this summer. 


Well I will give you another update soon. Hopefully I will have all my supply issues resolved as I am meeting with a language tutor today and if the price is right I will be speaking Albanian like a native in 10 or 20 years. Hahaha.



    See ya at the forge!!





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