Finished June with some good forgaging and forging

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Greetings and Salutations Everyone!

    Things have been moving along since my last post. I welded the end of the first 5 rod stack to be twisted into a rope newel and added a bar to twist it with. I stopped to go shopping as I needed some angle iron to make welding the picket elements together easier. The next day I put them together and now all they need now is to be cleaned, cut to length and a little clear coat to keep them from rusting up again before assembling.

Pickets ready for cleaning

Pickets ready for cleaning

    While I was out and about I picked up some old tools at a used tool shop I know of and this allowed me to now have a hardy tool and more will be made as time goes by. Now I really was looking for some ball peen hammers, but I found four others, four with handles and one without. I needed a beater hammer as I put a couple dings in the face of my two good hammers I brought with me the other day, so I will not be doing that any more. I still need a ball peen. I guess I can live without it and make a ball tool or two to do the same thing. We will see. They are nice for texturing, etc. I didn’t even see one in the three tool stores I go to now. I found that interesting.

New tools to be

New tools to be

Needed one - the others, you know how it is

Needed one – the others, you know how it is

     I found a reliable source for steel, but only up to about ¾” round and 5/8” if I catch him right for square. They don’t get much call for larger stuff, for now that will do when I need new material.  The approx. ¾” goes for about $14 for 19.5 feet or 6 meters. I don’t know if that is a decent price or not for steel, but it is what it goes for here. It became complicated because of the price and my friend who brought me thought that was too much. I didn’t get a chance to discuss, stainless and tool steel. Next time I go, hopefully I will speak enough bad Albanian to make myself understood. Hahaha.

Afterwards we made a trip to the local scrap yard. I did pick up 80 kilos of assorted steel at about $.50 per kilo, mostly rebar in various diameters, but  I did get five 30” bars of high carbon hexagon steel bars about 1” flat to flat. These will make excellent tools, e.g. mushroom stake, leaf stake, etc.  I started making the mushroom and leaf stake today, but the boss called and let me know that lunch was almost ready and I should start to come in. Now how can you argue with that? J I doubt I will get back out to the shop today I have to finish some homework for my Albanian lessons and a few other non- blacksmith related things to do, so I think the day is pretty much done for me. Oh well there is tomorrow.

1st Scrap Yard Run

1st Scrap Yard Run

1st Scrap Yard Run

1st Scrap Yard Run

      It wasn’t all hard hammering today!  I made a nice little pseudo sunflower for the wall to accompany the dragon fly I made last week. I have it all painted and it is drying nicely. You will like this story; I wish I could have taken a picture.  I was looking to dry the paint faster as the paint I have available takes a long time to dry, three days most times. I have done this I don’t know how many times in the past and like they say there is a first time for everything. I fired up the forge and was using the heat from the gas forge to speed dry the sunflower and I guess it go a little too close to the dragons breath and Whoooosh, flames leapt up and the flower looked really neat all aflame. The paint pigments weren’t even burning!  J J  I did stop and consider taking a picture buy I didn’t want to burn the actual paint color so in the slack tub it went! Haha! Now I have all these little bits of yellow floating on the top of my tub. So the lesson here is…. Once again…. Linseed oil is very flammable, but it was pretty funny.  Regardless the paint job is drying as we speak.  Everyone liked the dragon fly so I know combined with the flower it will be a big hit. What’s a yard without a bit of whimsy? Somebody told me that at some point. This is going on the wall of the forge and will provide some needed levity and color to the building. 🙂

Sunflower and Dragon Fly

Sunflower and Dragon Fly

Before I forget the dragon fly is held on the wall by a hook through it’s head off the flower. Some of the paint ran, I will touch it up tomorrow. I will post a picture of it’s final mounting next time.

That about does it for now. Until next time ….

See ya at the Forge!!!



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