Railing Progress August 3rd 2013

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hi Guys!

Yesterday I finished assembling the rail sections, but the hard part is connecting them together and I hope to finish it up this week. The days have been near 100 degrees during the afternoons, so I have been coasting.


I took the easy way out and used my welder. The wife told me she doesn’t mind at all, so the customer is happy so far, so I am as well. When they are touched up they will look just fine.

Yesterday I had just finished up welding the pickets to the handrail when I noticed that the end curl was off to one side. Bummer, now I had to put it back in the forge and straighten it out. Not that big a deal, it was just that it was still hot and about 1700. I thought I was done for the day. Oh well. It is a great project and I enjoy the aspect that I don’t have to rethink the entire process to fit the smaller forge. Interesting work to say the least.


This is my temporary welding table.


Well that’s all for now! I’ll See ya at the Forge!!





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