Nightstand Progress 21August 2013

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Hi Guys,

     The railing is done and this is where I am with the next project as promised.

We need extra high nightstands because our bed was made higher than usual. We thought we would get a rolling storage system built for our clothes, but as it turned out we didn’t really need it. We could cut the legs off the bed, but then that becomes a problem to match the color and get out and bring it back in. The head and foot boards aren’t light and Bianca can’t hold them to twist them around the corners, sooo it stays as is. No problem, I like the height of the bed. Back to the nightstands.

They are 50 cm Wide x 35 cm Deep x 73 cm Tall. The material I am using is a compromise as they didn’t have the size I would have preferred. I am using a 2.5 mm 30 x 30 cm angle iron for the legs. The top is a 2.5mm x 40mm flat, embossed.

The legs have a cabriole styling to them. Which I hope will make them look more elegant than just a taper, but certainly a little more difficult to provide.

I plan on using a cross bracing system for the legs as the angle iron is a little light to stand without it. Compromise, compromise. No problem I can make it work.

Here are the pictures in progress so far:

Nightstand Top

Nightstand Top

Embossed or Knurled design for top edging. Before welding the corner.

    I want to point out that the legs were done in 2 parts. I probably could have made a jig out of some square bar forming the lines of the legs. Not having bent much angle iron in this manner and with this light stuff it tends to twist easily I choose to do each one individually and as stated in  2 parts. I bent all the tops and started the knees 1st. Then I did the lower legs finishing the curve of the leg into the ankle finishing with a reverse bend. The fee will be finished later on as I have not yet found a leveler to use for them. My floor in my bedroom has some serious level issued. Hey it’s been used and abused for the last 150 years or so. So I have a couple of options and I don’t have to do anything right at this moment. I have two more stores to check out 1st, if they don’t bare fruit I will have to make one with a nut bolt and washer. Nothing that hasn’t been done before. I would have liked one with a plastic bottom for the floor. Some things aren’t easy to find here in Albania. Regardless the project is moving ahead! I will let you know how the leveling goes. Hahaha.

Top Bend

Top Bend

This is how I measured the top of the leg before and after bending .

Length of Leg Top

Length of Leg Top

Here is the bend check line. Each leg has this starting bend on the top.

Curvature of leg

Curvature of leg

The curve of the Knee and leg are checked against this line.

Ankle Curvature

Ankle Curvature

The curve of the ankle is checked against the line.

So Far So Good!

Anvil Marked off with Jig

Anvil Marked off with Jig

My anvil marked for curving the lower legs and the angle iron I am using to make the curves with. As you can see I spared no expense in making my special tool.

8 Legs

8 Legs

Here are the legs; a couple have a twist that will need to be undone; #2, #7 and # 8 needs a deeper bend in the top and slight more curve in the ankle. I am happy with the progress of this project so far.

Thanks for stopping by

See ya at the Forge!



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