Tardy Post

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Greetings and Salutations to All,

My nightstands were finished yesterday and I have not taken pictures of them. I will be unable to get a piece of glass made for them until Monday and so no final pictures to post. So just to let you know that I am still actively posting. I have resorted to posting an old article that I wrote in 2009 as a page titled Steel for Tools rather than the original title “My Thoughts on Blacksmithing” which would not have given you a reason to at least take a look, because who cares about my thoughts on Blacksmithing, being the maestro I am. hahaha. Anyway I hope you find the article of interest and I will show you the finished tables in the coming week.

Heart Hook Rebar (3)

Just for visual interest here is a picture of a Rebar Heart Hook – I gave this away to a visitor to my shop. I try to keep a few small things on hand to give away. A friend of mine was fond of saying put a heart on it and people will love it. He’s right! They are always well received. I guess next week I will have to make a few more of them. 🙂

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