Finished Nightstands get a Hand

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hi Guys!!

I have been gone because of a couple of visitors here and then I had a very nasty cold that clogged my ears and made me dizzy as heck. The room was actually spinning from it. I never had motion sickness and my wife tells me that is what it feels like, nausea, then finally the mad rush to the toilet. Okay enough on that the cold and the clogged ears are gone. Right on schedule, 13 days from the first symptom.

Here are the pictures of the Nightstands with glass in place.

Nightstand Finished in place

Nightstand Finished in place

I was concerned that the corner brackets were going to be too bulky for this table, but they look just fine when you look down on them. They remind me of the  picture corners used in scrapbooks. Wife is happy and they look pretty nice now that I haven’t looked at them for a while. I don’t see every nick or ding that displeased me before. It is always best to look at your work after a few days or in this case weeks, they always seem to look better.



I started work on a Door Knocker for a friend of mine. I had originally wanted to make it from a single piece, but I couldn’t find material large enough to let me do it that way. I still have a problem  with my gas forge obtaining welding heat so I am having to weld it. I have a wonderful stick welder as we all know. :)) I will have a little bit of grinding to do when I am done and I just love to grind, not! Let me not lament on things past and sally forth with a smile on my face and a hammer in my hand. Here are few pictures of the work that I have done so far.

The four fingers are made from a piece of round stock about 11mm and the thumb is made from a piece of rebar about 16 mm in dia. I outlined the finger nails with my dremel tool and then made the lines a little crisper with a chisel. the joint and knuckle creases were put in with a chisel. I did all of the line work cold. I am hoping that the creases will open slightly when I bend the fingers and the sharp edge will be softened by using a wire wheel to clean them up.

A finger here a finger there.

A finger here a finger there.

The hand takes shape

Palm of hand

Palm of hand

I expect to add another layer of weld on the outside and then shape it with the grinder. At this point I will then decide what best way to attach a hinge to it. I might use the middle finger’s excess length for the male part of the hinge and then make the female end with the post to fit it. It is my intention to use a cuff to hide the hinge. We will see. I have it drawn out, but I have never made one of these, so I am in the spirit of the 18th century Blacksmiths making each piece fit as I go. No interchangeable parts required. :))

Thanks for stopping by;

See ya at the Forge!!


  1. hi my name is david and im from england
    i love your blog
    i have been blacksmithing for just over 2 years (im only 14) but im runing out of idias fo stuff to do can you help me ?????????

    • David,
      I always recommend getting together with the local Blacksmith groups. In England there is BABA (British Artist Blacksmith Association). They are a great group of guys and will be able to help you develop your skills and find equipment and tools that you will grow into. I don’t know what the rules are but you might need your Grandpa or Grandmother to attend or sign you up, check with them. But I know they have many younger people involved. Do an internet search, there are many Blacksmiths in England. As to your question of Ideas. Inspiration is something that you will have to take a look at the world around you and see what you like or want to emulate. When I look around and find an object – lets say a flower – Can I make it, of course! Now the question is how, from one piece, two, three, etc. Will I use only the forge and anvil, or other tools, etc. Drawing it out is the first step for me. Not great drawings, but rough and later maybe smoother more refined details that I need to show how the petals and leaves will be held in place, etc. Then comes do I want a realistic flower or just the essence of the flower without the minute details. Once I decide that I make sure I have everything I need and go about making it. Remember, Everyone is a beginner the first time they make something. Don’t expect everything to work out the first time around, learn from your mistakes. There will be many. Some projects will be better in design then than they are when you have finished them. In a short period you will develop a sense of design that you like and it will be yours.
      So Inspiration is different for everyone. What do you like? What do you want to do? The internet is full of projects that that tell you step by step how to do them. Look at or the newsletters of the various Blacksmith organizations online. FABA comes to mind – Steve Bloom did a tremendous job during his tenure as Editor. They have a wonderful archive online available to all.
      Here we have ABANA – Artist Blacksmith Association of North America. They have a terrific section on Hand Control that teaches you the correct way to draw, taper, bend, etc. It is for free of course. So there are lots of places to find projects.
      I will give you this bit of advise, never fire up you forge without a plan. Know ahead what you want to accomplish and layout or at least dig out from the corners the tools you will need ahead of time. It will make your work easier.
      Happy Hammering David – I hope this helps.

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