November 2013 is off to a good start

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 Hi guys,

   I haven’t started on the blanket stand but I did do a few other things.  I had my ears clog up again and took some preventative steps to keep it from going Vertigo.  I am back in action and have managed to do a few things that I had left on the work bench unfinished.

  Now everyone who knows me knows I love to make tools, yeah right. Why make em’ when you can buy em’. Here I have to make them, Bummer for me. So that is what I was doing today and the other day. I have two pairs of easy make tong mouths ready to go and will add a rein to them first thing tomorrow.

Tong Jaws waiting for reins

Tong Jaws waiting for reins

I forgot I took a picture of these crappy tongs on the left. I fashioned them after somebody’s design, but I forget now, so to whoever Thank you. If nothing else the center marks remained in the center of the bar. I used the same piece as the jaw set next to it to make them. The bend of the jaw was off. My fault, I have to master using my anvil and I will, but for now, I got it half right, they will work and knowing me, in a pinch I will use them as is, no sense in letting it go to waste. 🙂 )  The one on the left is the second one I made so there was an improvement. The axe head looking thing is something I found laying outside. I have to see if the steel is any kind of high carbon or not, I suspect not, but you never know.

   Today I finished off making my Bill Epps Style Guillotine tool at least that is where I got the design from originally. Bill Epps has a lot of neat posts out there on how to make some great tools and projects all at the anvil. Look him up if you aren’t familiar with him already. This is my general purpose go get em’ tool that I have used for years both at home and work. Unfortunately this one is made from regular old mild steel and will not last as long as a good lawn mower blade or leaf spring does, but like always it is what I had on hand and it will work. If all you have is mild steel keep a spray bottle of soapy water handy and spritz it between uses. It’s what I did with the first one I ever made and I was still using it ten years later. Of course leaf spring is much better.

Bill Epps Style guillotine tool

Bill Epps Style guillotine tool

You might be wondering why I left the end of the top blade long, two reasons. I use it to flip it open and I also use the end to make indentations on pieces. I will post a picture or two in use for those who are curious. I always try to get a second use out of a tool whenever I can. This also makes a great nut cracker.

   I finished off my scroll starter as it seems I will be making a good number of them here. People like them here and I need a place to get started as we all know I haven’t been able to repair my anvil face yet. Patience, Paaatiiennnceee.  The scroll started is made from the same hex bar that the small mushroom stake I made last month or the one before. Tough stuff! Small anvil and only a 3 lb hammer makes me work.

Scroll Starter - shown here getting polished up.

Scroll Starter – shown here getting polished up.

Bottom side of scroll starter

Bottom side of scroll starter

I have the scroll starter cut off and sized to fit into my hardy hole. I used two pieces of angle iron as stops as the hardy hole is tapered and I don’t want to force them into the hole to tightly. The hardy hole doesn’t have well defined shoulders ergo my previously mentioned repair problem.

    I have a helper stand base that I will be adding the holder to in the next few days which will free up one hand somewhat. Little by little. I have to get that Blanket Stand started as winter is coming up faster than I am moving and I can hear the the grumbling now. hahaha.

    Thanks for stopping by! See you at the Forge!!


  1. Matt says:

    Looking good Vince, keep up the great work.


  2. My friend I’m extremely grateful to the degree you document setting up a new shop and your affairs. It’s awesome to see the projects and behind the scenes. Please keep it up and best of wishes.

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