Greetings and Salutations!!

       Yesterday I published my book ahead of schedule!  Of course I very happy. The book is about building Cannon Carriages which included the ironwork for me. We did it all over the 13 years I was at Colonial National Historical Park. It was a great time and I hope to pass on the tricks and things I learned about making historic reproductions. I am of the belief that those of us engaged in the old trades need to write down those skills and tricks or else they will be lost and some of them will never be rediscovered. History is in the details and many are lost everyday.
It is available only at for the next week after that Amazon picks it up and then Amazon Europe and in 5-6 weeks it is available for purchase by libraries and bookstores. It is in Black and White to keep the cost down.”It was done that way by the Master before,
and the one before him,
What need to write it down?”
What to do with all the time now? Hmmmm,
See ya at the Forge!Vince

“1781 Siege of Yorktown Cannon Carriages” by Vince Nakovics
Book Cover

Book Cover

Back of Book

Back of Book


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