End of Year 2013

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

These are the last projects of the year for me as I will be in Verona Italy until the end of January 2014. It has been a productive year and I have several projects in mind for next year as I convert over to charcoal which will make a few processes so much easier and less expensive here. So I am looking forward to next years work. I had a visitor today, actually three of them, I don’t see many birds here so I was surprised when they kept coming back. There must have been something they liked or maybe it was my irresistible charm, hahaha.

Inquisitive Little guy Inquisitive Little guy

One of the few birds I have seen around here

One of the few birds I have seen around here

I made a few bottle openers for gifts, nothing fancy – ¾” square twisted left or right. The Albanians have never seen this type of opener before, so it is a novelty for them.

1st one made here -

1st one made here –

The gifts -

The gifts –

Next up was an Ornament for my wife’s cousins that live next door. It was all forged by hand at the anvil. I did have to tack weld on the wings. I have yet to make a nice riveting set and will do so next year.

Angel -

Angel –

I made a curved chisel out of an impact tool – I need to make a fuller as well next time. That same day I made an eye punch and a ¼” (more or less) punch out of the ends of two chisels. Impact tools are great for this repurposing. All three need to be held with a pair of vice grips or tongs because they are little short, but I am conserving my materials and can always add a longer handle on to them later.

Punches  and chisel's working end

Punches and chisel’s working end

Chisel and punches

Chisel and punches

Here is the prototype for a nut cracker – I wanted to figure out the best angles to make it with. The one I made for a gift I did not take a picture of but its joint and rivet are far better and it is made from ¾ square. I wanted a flat bottom so that with particularly hard nuts you could set it on a table and press down if necessary without having to worry about it wobbling. While I left is plain with a slight reduction from the joint to about ½” thick & ¾” wide. The OAL is about 13 centimeters. It works very well and was put to the test last night by the new owners. This one works fine, I have been using it since I made it.

 DSCN1252I know 

I know I am combining more items than you are suppose to in one post, but it is the end of the year so bare with me – Thank you.

I have couple of pieces of iron and wanted to do something special with them. I saw this great one pc bird online, 3 of them, hey didn’t I just say that? And decided to try it with one of them. The pc I started with is about a 1/2″ sq so this is desk top sculpture at best. I didn’t even pay attention to the length of it. It is about 10 inches long and I have about 2 inches left.  I plan on letting it soak in vinegar for about 2 weeks to bring out the grain of the iron. I hope it works out. If not well this was a nasty pc and didn’t cost anything but the heat. We will see and I will include it in a post when I get it finished in Feb 2014. Here are the progress photos and some close ups. The width of the wing section is about 2-1/2″ at the widest and OAL is about 14″.

Shaping the head

Shaping the head

Spreading the wings/ body

Spreading the wings/ body



Here the iron is delaminating

Here the iron is delaminating

Have a great New Years! Be Safe in the Shop and hopefully our imaginations will run rampart and we can all come up with something spectacular!

See Ya At The Forge!!!



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