Hi Guys,

Here’s the status of my new forge – I am waiting on the hood and chimney. It should be ready tomorrow or the next day. The same guy making my chimney also sold me the blower. We talked about it when he came by and he told me he could make the modifications that I want, but I may find that it doesn’t go what I think it will. Okay the guy has been making stuff like that for 50 years and I am deferring to his experience. I can always modify it later. He is doing the repair for nothing because he felt bad that it broke after only using it for 2 hours. Good guy! I didn’t ask he told me he would. So I didn’t have that and it kept me from the temptation to use the forge without a chimney in the shop. 🙂


I moved on to a project that I started before I left for Italy: a crucifix.   I smoothed out the texture I put in the bar I was using for the cross as I didn’t care for it. I decided to twist it and I liked that better so that is what I have. Next I took a 2 x 1/4″ pc and cut the lines of the arms and cut off the excess from the legs and head section. I left a stub on it to move it in and out of the gas forge easier.

Christ Body being formed

Christ Body being formed

After shaping the head and arms somewhat I added some ribs and the spear wound. The idea was for the essence and not a detailed carving. After I was satisfied from the waist up I cut him off the stub and reduced the leg sections somewhat. I had to use a chisel and file for the close spots near the loin cloth. I don’t have a decent edge on the anvil, yet…. I will take a look at fixing that once I get my blower back and chimney set up. Pre-heat is a must with this much work. I rounded the legs up gave them a bend and something resembling feet. Viola the body is done. I originally heat colored it, but buffed most of that off. There is some on the loin clothe and a few smaller spots. It made the body almost disappear.

Christ Body finished

Christ Body finished

I cut the pcs for the cross and lined them up for the body to be nailed to it. The cross itself is riveted together.  I used three flat head nails that I hammered into square heads, filed them off and bent them over on the back side. After I was done I found a small piece of copper in my repousse box and did a very rustic INRI and nailed that to the top. Since the riveting and nailing were done cold I sprayed each piece before to keep rust off for years to come. I have no idea what kind of coating it is. They were out of lacquer, but had a multi-surface transparent coating and while a little shinier than I like seems to have bonded well.

Photo-0112This was a piece that I had wanted to make a few years ago and now found the time to do it. I used only a few basic tools this time around. I left out the file from the picture. If I make another I will make a smaller chisel, fuller and butcher to add better detailing and I will add a crown of thorns. But that isn’t until next time. I have other projects that I want to do before I return to this.


See ya at the Forge!



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