New Forge is in Buttttttt…..

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Hi Guys,

  I have my new hood in place over my forge and had it fired up the other day. I think in order to weld properly in it given the temps off the charcoal I have I will need to have a deeper pot. I will make a square to go around to contain and raise the heat column. For heating the 2-1/2 deep pot works just fine for heating and beating the smaller work that I do most of the time here. So that will work out. The dust blower works fine for that sort of work and will save me lots of charcoal. I do have a hair dryer hookup for additional and constant air flow to make welding operations easier. I am sure welding will be as easy as using my favorite coke in no time with a little practice with my new setup. Because the guy who was going to build my hood got sick I decided to build it myself. I didn’t really have the work bench to do that size project and that is why the tabs are on the outside and not inside. Plus I really didn’t want to buy a pop rivet gun as I don’t plan on doing anymore sheet-metal work after this. That is the plan anyway. So here a  few shots of the forge hood and forge in operation.

Hood Side cutout

Hood Side cutout

Hood Side tabbed

Forge and with new hood warming up

Forge and with new hood warming up

New forge testing the full draft.

New forge testing the full draft.

Before I decided to make my own hood I started to build my bedroom bench and will be using some re-bar for most of it. Re-bar is popular here. I also have made a couple of re-bar tools such as the drift chisel I used to make the first set of eyes in the legs of the bench. I did round up the holes with a drift that goes up to about a ½ inch. The eyes here are about the same diameter as the legs a little under ½ inch. Everything here is in metric and I haven’t quite assimilated completely yet. I still have to convert everything to visualize the diameters and lengths. This project was put in the holding pattern while I finished the hood.

Bench Legs

Bench Legs

This project is on hold for a few weeks as my friend Evis and I built a couple of kayaks. Kayaks are not readily available without costing an arm and a leg. The materials just to build one is still about $350, to buy one here is about $1300 and that is used and not in good shape. So the decision to build one was made.

Here are a couple of shots taken today (3-23-1014) early in the day. The goal was to set up the strongback and get the frames cut out. We accomplished that and only need to redo one that for some reason or other doesn’t line up with the others. No problem, that is why we are going slow and double checking everything. So far it looks good. We are waiting on an epoxy glue that we had to order and after that arrives we will do a test fit and set the keel. Things will really be off and running then.

My Shop taken over by Kayak materialsKayak Plan w-corrections

Kayak Plan w-corrections
Okay I am ready to start Vince - Do you know what you are doing?

Okay I am ready to start Vince – Do you know what you are doing?

I don't know what I have gotten myself into here

I don’t know what I have gotten myself into here

  I know it isn’t blacksmithing, but since I won’t be doing any blacksmithing while this is going on I hope you find it interesting. We won’t know if we are successful or not until we set sail in the water. Evis says he swims really good. Hahaha.

See ya at the Forge!!

  1. Matt Sieber says:

    Should prove to be fun!

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