Last Entry of 2014 – Merry Christmas and Forging Ahead to the New Year!

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Blacksmithing, Merry Christmas, Vince Nakovics
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I finally got back to doing some work in the shop other than wood repairs of the homestead or fab work to enclose a section of property that needed a new fence/wall.

I managed to make two smaller crosses one a pseudo crucifix and the other with a rose. Both have been delivered to their intended recipients and both said they liked them. Success! I did start another more challenging project in the form of a larger knife, blade about 8”x 2.5”x 3/16 max., OAL about 15”. I was hoping to find some brass or bronze to use as a bolster, but that isn’t happening from my sources, sooooo. The plan is to finish it when I return to the shop after Christmas and the New Year. I also have to make a few things to allow me to get a better temper of the blade.

Crucifix starter kit

Crucifix starter kit

Small Crucifix

Small Crucifix

Cross with Rose

Cross with Rose

2014-12-09 10.05.26

I plan to do a few things to improve my shop in the New Year 1st and foremost to finish off the anvil repair. I thought I could live with the large chip out near the horn, but…. It drives me crazy and I would like to use that area without that interference. As I reported before, I believe that the repair actually improved the hardness of my anvil face as it seems to make the work easier, of course that could just be the satisfaction of having made the repair.

It seems that a few of my friends here have an interest in owning a knife made by me, so I will have to take a detour from decorative work to make a few. I hope to do a better job of sharing my work and processes, such as they are with you in the coming year.

It is hard to believe that I have been in Albania for over 2 years now. Time flies when you are having a good time. I hope that everyone has had a good year and is able to feel a part of the Christmas season. Furthermore I hope that everyone is:

Healthy and Prosperous in the coming New Year!

So until next year!

Surfing the Old Year out.

Surfing the Old Year out.

From Albania!




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