Posted: April 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

So how many reasons are there for removing scale from the face of your anvil? I had something happen to me today that I rarely have had happen to me. It made me laugh and then it got me to thinking about why it happened. As many of you might remember my current anvil has a bit of sway back to it and no I haven’t gotten around to finishing off repairing the horn end of the anvil to date. That had nothing to do with what happened. Soooo….

What happened was I had a several pieces of scale pop up and of course one of them hit my upper lip. Nothing serious, just a job hazard. Why this rarely happened to me before is because all my anvils while square to the stump or stand never had a parallel surface to the ground so a lot of the scale would work itself off and I cleaned off the rest. Today however! The scale formed a nice little mound in the bottom of the sway back and while I was working near the horn I didn’t notice the accumulation. Work, work, work and I shifted the little piece I was working on to the center of the face and of course in the middle of the mound of scale. Bang, pop and there you have it! Scale flying everywhere. Little suckers were hot too. Hahaha.

You can see in this older picture that there is a sway back. Not great, but enough.

You can see in this older picture that there is a sway back. Not great, but enough.

Soooo… One more reason to clean off the scale often, I will clean if off more often than once a heat from now on, I hope, that is a lot to remember. Hahaha.

As you can see Happy Haven Forge still has an active hammer in it, once in a while these days. Be safe in the Forge!
See ya at the Forge!!!



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