Lake Trials and Maiden Voyage

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Lake Trials were a success, there were no leaks!!! Yeah!!! I have a Kayak! My friend Evis called and wanted to go out Saturday August 8th. He also had a new to him kayak that he wanted to try out. The sky was clear and the temperature was about 92 F or 33 C, but there was a heavy breeze blowing, about 7 mph with gusts to 9. I think it worked out perfectly as it gave me a feel for how she rides.  She drafts about an 1 inch more in the rear than I planned, but it doesn’t seem to effect me much. The bow rides spot on.

Mine and Evis's kayaks getting ready to go.

Mine and Evis’s kayaks getting ready to go.

I discovered that the foot rest wasn’t going to work as installed, my back needs some sort of pad and I now see how tight it is in this kayak. I have to admit that the painted canvas here is going to be a lot of maintenance. There is nothing but rocks on the shores, in the water and at the beaches, so the skin will be getting scrapped regularly. BUT it is so light! I will have to let you know in a couple of months or next year maybe just how much maintenance it is. I am not happy with the adhesion with this paint at all and will definitely use something else. Oh well, next time.

Lake Trials 8-8-15

Lake Trials 8-8-15

I fixed the footrest. I added a second adjusting or release cord and made it wider. It worked and felt really good today. I had a 3 hour run today from Shiroke to the Montenegrin border. It took me about 1 hour 10 minutes to the border, about 6.3 km and that is a reduction of almost 30 minutes in Beastie my 1st kayak.

Me sailing into the sunset

Me sailing into the sunset

There was enough wind to create a nice rolling wave action with a head wind of about 6-7 mph today on the way to the Montenegrin border. I got to see the bow have water wash over it and see that it sheds the water just like I thought it would. I didn’t get any further than where the handle is located at about 12” off the tip. Lighter and faster! Of course there is something to say about all the room of Beastie, it was like riding in a Caddy. Hahaha.

Montenegrin Border

Montenegrin Border

So all in all I am very happy with my new kayak! Thanks to everyone who helped me, there were a lot of you.

See ya at the Forge!!!

On Fisherman's launch next to Shiroke Restaurant

On Fisherman’s launch next to Shiroke Restaurant

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    Nice Green Bay colors Vince! It works for me! Mike

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