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Hi Guys,

    Bianca wanted a key holder and this is what I came up with. 

Key Holder - mixed  metals

Key Holder – mixed metals

Key Holder Back

Key Holder Back

The trunk or branch is made from rebar, the hooks reduced from 1/2″ rd. I made them a while back so I had them on hand.  The 3 flowers are galvanized cold work. The yellow rose is made from the sides of an aluminum spray can. I  just rolled for the stem and cut and textured the petals a little. The vine is some Turkish Brand welding rod that doesn’t work no matter what I do, so I have plenty to use for hooks, holders, etc. i spot welded the vine on the back. The aluminum stem I crimped and epoxied to the vine. Painted with acrylic and coated with a clear acrylic of some sort.

Well there you have it!

See ya at the Forge!!!