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Was able to get about 1-1/2 hours of actual work today. I inspected the roof and will try to get someone to put some new fabric and tar on it. I will need to put a beam in before I take out most of the interior wall to support the chimney. I will probably make it like a doorway and have the beam go up to the ceiling. Of course I have to find some material to  waterproof it from the cement ceiling. Hope they hold up when I take the wall out. hahaha. Little by little the plan is coming together.


The area cleaned today is about 4 ft wide by 6 ft long, as you can see the roofing tile is packed pretty good. There is about 8 ft left to the wall, then I will start to push that out another 4 ft to have 8 ft clean. There is a cement slab that runs continuous through my building so I will be all on one level! Yahoo! The set up might remind some of the set up I had at my old place except now there are no steps and no sheds. Ahhhhh. I still like to run a coal forge outside and I like the fresh air of working outside. I will need to put some power in or get a generator, lights at least on house power would be nice, that way I can always do cold work and small stuff without lighting off a generator. The weather was a frigid 52 degrees F. Brrrrr, everyone thinks it is cold. It is warmer here than in Virginia Beach. I will be hot in the summer time! Uggghhhh. I plan to put a shed roof over the 8 ft clearing and of course some doors and windows. Like I said little by little. Thanks for stopping by.

See ya at the Forge!!!!!



I started work a little earlier than I intended today. Cleaned out one half, but until I fix the roof it will continue to drop the cement ceiling down so it will need some work again to clean it out. I am also going to expand it into the other room of the building. If my plan comes together it should look very nice once I get it cleaned and fixed up.


Eventually I will open up the wall inside to make it one big room, install doors and windows – there are two chimney flues so I have one for a wood stove and one for a coal forge if I can find a source. Until then I will use a gas forge that I am waiting for to arrive with my car. Hopefully in the next few weeks. Things move ahead. The language barrier for me is difficult, but I have only been here for 3 weeks now. I think I am doing okay.

In a couple of months I will be seeing ya at the forge!

Surfing the Old Year out.

Happy Haven Forge  Albania 

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. The intent is still to bring to you topics, pictures and links of interest to those that have an interest in the Art of Blacksmithing even though I have relocated to Shkoder, Albania. I will also bring you the humorous side of starting up a Smithy in an area  where there are virtually no Artist Blacksmiths or Blacksmiths to my knowledge. Naturally I am fluent in Albanian, not don’t speak but 5 or 6 words, That will be the adventure and challenge of it. I am looking forward to getting started and bringing you my bits of wisdom.   Thanks for stopping by hope to See ya at the Forge!