Latest Project

Posted: August 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Latest project is a garden/privacy gate leading to the backyard. It will replace an old gate made in haste to keep the marauders at bay before this part of the property was reclaimed from the communists and fenced off this July.

The gate is made from left over materials from the fence and a temporary sheet metal wall. To speed the hammered look I made a special tool, :). I thought I would be able to weld each individual section onto the frame, but that didn’t work out so I used welded strips to hold them in place. The hammering made the sheet metal fairly stiff. I also thought I would have enough ventilation in my back section of my shop, but with the zinc coating I decided not to chance the exposure and set up in the forge side. Very tight for this size project. I will move both doors back to the larger back section to weld the frame, hinges and slide bolt in place. I will add a few more pics when I finish the entire project.

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